We explore topics at the intersection of human inquiry, community life, and spiritual growth, availing ourselves of global networks, the university’s intellectual resources, and the Church’s spiritual tradition.


Upper House explores the diversity of human experience through a Christian perspective on the arts and humanities. We advance significant conversations about truth, beauty, and goodness as we seek to grow in wisdom and encounter wonder wherever it may be found.


Upper House critically engages systemic and cultural realities that shape individuals and communities. We prize justice and compassion as we encourage mature understanding and responsible action on issues essential to human flourishing.


Upper House equips people in all fields and vocations to be exemplary leaders and to see their work as laden with spiritual potential. We extend opportunities for individuals and groups to develop skills and to increase their efficacy as servants and guides in every realm of life.


Upper House examines the intersection of science, ethics, and Christian faith. We endeavor to learn about the observable world, in all its complexity, and to understand the implications of emerging research and innovation for our common good.


Upper House invites God’s people to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ. We equip individuals and communities to pursue practices that foster growth in character and enrich our experience with God.


Upper House pursues the study of God as mediated through Scripture and historic Christian traditions. We cultivate theological understanding to prepare individuals and communities for lives of faithful service.