Aligned in Mission

Upper House and Science for the Church are working together to strengthen the church through engagement with science.

Science for the Church unites scientists and church leaders around the idea that science and faith together signal God’s creative work in the universe—that people are beckoned to explore and discover creation’s many facets.

Science for the Church equips Christian leaders and scientists of faith with content, resources, networks, and events to overcome erroneous perceptions that science is a barrier to faith; rather, science can actually augment the work of the church. Science can accompany Scripture as a tool for discipleship, catalyze expressions of worship, illustrate sermons, elucidate biblical teachings, and supplement theological wisdom for the life of the world.


Building on ten years of leading programs like Scientists in Congregations and Science and Theology for Emerging Adult Ministries (STEAM)—and having resourced 65 ministries—Science for the Church is enacting these priorities:

  1. Building a church movement
  2. Leveraging relationships between clergy and scientists
  3. Hosting educational and equipping events
  4. Providing resources

Upper House has been both an incubator and partner in this vital initiative.

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Science for the Church Co-Directors are Drew Rick-Miller (l) and Greg Cootsona (r). Other team members include Dave Navarra and Heather Micklewright. You can learn more about who they are and their mission here.