In this Upper House virtual event from earlier this year, Dr. Edgardo Rosado of the Ciencia, Fe y Esperanza Initiative speaks with Greg Cootsona, co-founder of Science for the Church. They discuss the particular ways faith and science are understood in Hispanic/Latinx communities, and Edgardo’s research into attitudes among Philadelphia-area Latinx Christians. They also discuss contrasting Reformed and Wesleyan understandings of faith and science.

Edgardo Rosado is a pastor, scholar, and community leader. In addition to being Associate Project Director at Esperanza’s Ciencia, Fe y Esperanza initiative, Edgardo is Adjunct Professor at Nazarene Bible College, Visiting Scholar at European Nazarene College, and Executive Pastor with the Nazarene church in Media, PA. He holds a PhD and MA in Pastoral Leadership and a BA in Biblical Studies, all from the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico.

This event was hosted by Upper House in June 2021 as “Science, Race, and Faith: Insights from Hispanic Congregations.” We hosted an earlier event in this same series last year, now on youtube: “Science, Race, and the Church: A Conversation about Repentance and Redemption.”

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