For this return of From the Vault (highlighting talks at Upper House), we’re listening to a March 2022 event featuring theologian A.J. Swoboda. Swaboda argues that doubt and questioning, rather than signs of faithlessness, present us with an an opportunity to deconstruct and reconstruct our ideas and beliefs—to deepen in understanding about who we are and what we believe about God. For the video of this event, check it out here.

A.J Swoboda is an assistant professor of Bible, theology, and world Christianity at Bushnell University, which is in Eugene, Oregon. He also leads a Doctor of Ministry program on leadership at Fuller Theological Seminary. Swoboda is the author of several books, including After Doubt: How to Question Your Faith without Losing It (Brazos Press, 2021), the award-winning Subversive Sabbath: The Surprising Power of Rest in a Nonstop World (Brazos Press, 2018), and The Dusty Ones: Why Wandering Deepens Your Faith (Baker Press, 2016).

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