The Fellows Program has given me the opportunity to deepen my faith through personal reflection on religious testimonies. I’m humbled to be a part of such a welcoming community that provides a safe space to talk about faith on campus, many laughs, and genuine friendships.

Maya, Sophomore, Pre-nursing


The readings and the experiences shared by other fellows provided a great space for me to reflect on the connection between my passions, career ambitions, and my Christian faith. I’m very grateful and really glad that I was able to join the Fellows Program this year.

Joel, Senior, Civil Engineering



In this last year with the Fellows Program I love how it celebrates the similarities and differences between Christian brothers and sisters while working together towards the common goal of discernment.

Emma, Senior, Economics, Psychology, and Religious Studies



I never thought I would encounter such a wonderful group during COVID because everything went online, and making new friends became really difficult. The Fellows Program has been my No. 1 go-to for community and mentorship.

—Jianing, Junior, Biology



The Fellows Program has given me a new perspective on how I can contribute to the world as a Christian. I have learned how I can use the vocation God has given me to glorify God and serve others.

Lusayo, Senior, Agricultural Business Management



The Fellows Program is such a blessing because of the community of students and leaders. It is a true pleasure to gather and share with such Christ-loving, kind, thoughtful, and intelligent brothers and sisters.

Elizabeth, Recent Graduate, Genetics and Genomics



Come for the soul-edifying discussion, stay for the soul-nourishing food!

Jongho, Graduate Student, Computer Science




I highly recommend the Fellows Program. We are able to discuss many deep questions like: What purpose did God give humans after creating them? How does ethnic prejudice fit in to the story of Babel? Is there a difference between “the gospel” and “the plan for salvation?” and Is there really such thing as a “calling?”

Hannah, Graduate Student, Educational Psychology


Past fellows say—

“The Fellows Program is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about theology, talk with believers from a variety of backgrounds, and consider how faith can be enacted in your vocation.” —Tori, graduate student

“The Fellows Program will open your eyes to how big, rich, and colorful the Christian faith is. It is also a great chance to get valuable theological education that will help you follow Jesus.” —Martin, recent graduate

“If you are not interested in growing in your faith and meeting new people interested in doing the same, then this program is NOT for you. However, anyone who does want to dive into Christian teaching and how it applies to student life side-by-side with those who share in their interest should apply for this Fellows Program ASAP.” —Tierney, undergraduate student

Fellows meeting online in Spring 2020-21.


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