Wonder Unceasing

Susan Smetzer-Anderson April 22, 2021

Honoring the Author of Creation and mindful of our place in time and space and eternity, with gratitude—Susan Smetzer-Anderson

A Meditation for Earth Day 2021.

Wonder Unceasing


In the beginning was

the Word

and I—

a spark

alight—was birthed


in pre-history, before

the sun and moon played tug-o-war

with the roiling ocean waves and

amoeba linked arms

to crawl upon shores

canvased with diamond shards, before


ants loitered in swamps limned

with ferns tall as trees, before

Carboniferous collisions wrought

mountains— the Appalachians, the Herynians, and the Urals—

who arose, yawned

and shook their manes

to warn Hylonomus away, before


the first frigid winds whooped and

bore diaphanous dragonflies

upon looping currents of ephemeral delight

and lizards crawled into cavernous maws

of crocodiles drowsing

in primordial ecstasy.

I was known before all this—


with You

I beheld


the moss-cloaked river lands

and the long-tailed pterosaur

who flexed her wings on

thermal currents to cast

horseshoe crabs in shadow, even

as they swirled

elemental signatures in crystalline sands—

swept away and then remade—

filament strokes traced Earth’s heartbeat.


In Your mind

all overflowed—


lava and ice,

firestorm and creeping glacier.

The triceratops raised his bulbous horn

in the land of Larimidia,

and the Confuciusornis sanctus sang his song

in the airs of Liaoning,

and in the distance


You saw

my unformed substance


flickering like a candle

in my mother’s womb, dark

and dense as a black hole

punctuating the vast

and sparkling heavens—

an asterisk awaiting



waiting for You


even as stalactites grew


and stalagmites lurched


in emerald columns

emulating nebulae—

the Pillars

of Creation

blew up

Hubble’s eye.


We are tinder


ready to spark,


to atomic moment,

and You

saw it all

even as we nestled

in Your ample heart, the very cavern

of Wonder.