UNVEILED Artist Insights—Wanda Tapp

May 6, 2021

If we sit and let the creation absorb us, and we absorb it, and know that God is in the midst of it…that is awesome. God is awesome.

Wanda Tapp believes that art is a gift of God. Just as God gave the artisans of the Old Testament vision to create worshipful artifacts that speak to his character and beauty in the Tabernacle, God gives people gifts to create uplifting artworks today. Artists, Wanda thinks, can be comforters, encouragers, and reminders of God’s goodness and enormous care for us.

She says “I’ve created art that God puts into my mind in dreams. I’ve also prayed about my art before and while I create it—about the colors, scriptures, African proverbs, and images that will speak in a piece.”

“My favorite medium, so far, has been collage and paper. But I am getting back into drawing landscapes. I spend time looking at the beauty of God’s creation,” Wanda says. “If we sit and let creation absorb us, and we absorb it, and know that God is in the midst of it…that is awesome. God is awesome.”

“There is so much division in the world today, she reflects. “We forget we are connected…” Referencing a program about how science can back up the Bible, Wanda notes, “We’re all just cousins of each other. We keep picking at differences that keep us apart. But we’re all God’s creation. God loves you specifically for yourself. God wants to remind us that he loves everybody. We need to be appreciative of the fact that we’re all God’s people… Just as there’s no one type of tree, insect, or animal, people are also different from one another. God’s creation all works together.”

Differences, to Wanda, are essential to beauty. Think of a bouquet of flowers, she says. You put all different types of flowers into a bouquet and that’s what makes it “so beautiful.”

Our divisions, Wanda reflects, beg for people to approach one another with a prayerful mindset. “I really believe in prayer, and I believe it matters and changes things.”

“We all need to take time to ask, ‘what is really going on here?’ We need to put ourselves in a learning posture. Where do we see God working? Let us be open to the Spirit. Listen. Slow down. Really look for the Truth.

Wanda Tapp’s piece at UNVEILED is titled “We Are Connected.” About it she writes, “We are the same in God’s eyes. We are united by His spirit and His love. We must remember that others will know we are His by our love for one another.”