UNVEILED Artist Insights—Alex Haunty

April 26, 2021

I want to bless people with my bright, whimsical colors.

Some of you may be familiar with Alex Haunty’s paintings, having seen the bright and lively work in the hallways of American Family Children’s Hospital or Overture Center for the Arts.

To meet Alex is to meet energy personified. He is an entrepreneur, an inspirational communicator, an artist who makes art for the people he loves and loves the Maker of all people—God.

Describing his work, he is clear about his mission, “I want to bless people with my bright, whimsical colors.”

“I like bright colors… [and] I like to show God’s light and love for us through my colors.”

Alex takes color seriously. He notes that some art, while well-done, can leave us feeling dark. His aim is to delight people, painting what makes people happy—flowers, animals, community, the ways people can help one another.

In a piece he’s working on right now, Alex is painting people on a journey, coming from different backgrounds in life.

Sharing his vision for the painting, Alex said, “God wants them to know it’s their time to shine. You’re not alone. God is here for you. He loves you a lot.”

This quote says a lot about Alex and his view of humankind:  God wants you to know it’s your time to shine. You’re not alone. God loves you a lot.

UNVEILED Prayers of the People, at Upper House now through May 6, features Alex’s vibrant “Marigold for Melissa” and “Tulips of Inspiration”—part of a multi-faceted exhibit sure to move and delight you.