The Healing Impact of Corporate Chaplains | Steve Cook

The UpWords podcast February 5, 2024

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In this episode, corporate chaplain Steve Cook shares how his experiences with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and as an executive pastor culminated in the founding of Capital Chaplains in 2005. His commitment to serving others has taken him across the country, influencing numerous lives through personal connection and support in difficult times. Steve is currently the President of Workplace Chaplaincy Foundation Inc. and Executive Director of Operations at Marketplace Chaplains.

Steve Cook discusses the transformative power of workplace chaplains. He highlights how these on-site support systems can stabilize and uplift an organization’s employee base. With 40 years of experience, Steve has proven that fostering trust and personal care in the workplace isn’t just good ethics, it’s good business – reducing turnover, enhancing performance, and instilling hope in these challenging times.

If you’re looking for a way to infuse compassion into your corporate culture and be a Good Samaritan in your employees’ lives, this episode is a treasure trove. Discover how you can bring positive change to your team and your bottom line. As we navigate these heartfelt stories of transformation and the subtle art of giving and receiving care in the corporate environment, Steve’s dedication shines a light on the power of being a ‘good neighbor’ at work. So tune in as we explore the intersection of faith, empathy, and corporate responsibility on the UpWords Podcast.


Link to the St. Martin of Tours story (see page 5): http://www.preciousheart.net/chaplaincy/Chaplain-Etymology.pdf


Principles for Chaplains, “good Samaritans,” and “good neighbors” to follow:

  1. Bath in prayer
  2. Be available
  3. Do some life together
  4. Be patient and be faithful
  5. Wait to be invited in
  6. Rely on the Holy Spirit
  7. Watch God at work!