The “Good” Mother | Christina Lee Kim

Christina Lee Kim September 5, 2022

In this episode, Susan Smetzer-Anderson and Christina Lee Kim—author of an essay titled “The ‘Good’ Mother” (in a new book released by IVP, titled Power Women: Stories of Motherhood, Faith, and the Academy) honestly discuss the importance of unmasking the ideologies that compel our choice-making. Christina’s authentic sharing of her own experience as a mother and professional academic—combined with her astute and research-based observations about powerful assumptions about motherhood that permeate families and cultures—make for a conversation that is both particular and broad in its relevance.

Christina Lee Kim is an associate professor of psychology at Biola University and a licensed clinical psychologist. In addition to teaching, she researches cross-cultural and multicultural psychology, mental health issues and the church, and Asian-American psychology. Dr. Kim and her husband and their three daughters reside in Fullerton, CA, and are members of Crossway OC church, where Dr. Kim serves as one of the worship leaders.

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