Science & Faith Lunch Lecture With Dr. Nydiaris Hernández-Santos

Nydiaris Hernández-Santos March 15, 2018

What does it look like to be Christian in the lab? How do you integrate your Christian faith with your scientific research?

Dr. Nydiaris Hernández-Santos will share her personal story, reflecting on her academic journey as well as her faith. In her presentation, she will unpack a few of the questions she wrestles with as a Christian scientist, as well as the challenges she faces in the pursuit of living an integrated life of scientific excellence and active belief. Nydiaris offers a fresh and practical perspective on how the Christian faith is intertwined with her scientific research. She will also highlight her research related to lung epithelial cell immunity within the department of pediatrics in the laboratory of Dr. Bruce S. Klein.

Dr. Nydiaris Hernández-Santos is a research associate conducting postdoctoral research at the laboratory of Dr. Bruce S. Klein. She holds a Ph.D. in Immunology from the University of Pittsburgh and an Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies from Christian Life College in Mount Prospect, Illinois. Her current research addresses the role of lung epithelial cells in the immune response against pulmonary fungal pathogens. In addition to her research endeavors, Nydiaris serves in prayer teams at her local church, and enjoys teaching the Bible and encouraging others in the wholehearted pursuit of the knowledge of God.