Community Members “Return to Wonder” at Contemplative Retreat

June 16, 2021

Thirty people, under a massive shade tree, considered the meaning of mystery, awe, and curiosity last week with Krissy Kludt​, who led our Return to Wonder contemplative retreat.

“Acknowledging unanswerable questions and mystery helps me see my finiteness, one retreatant said, “as well as God’s infinite understanding. Where I lack understanding, I can express curiosity. And because he is faithful, God reveals answers as I am capable of receiving them.”

Our very curiosity is a gift, inspiring awe as we explore the mysteries that abound within and around us. When we honestly express our questions and desire for understanding, we are poised for growth.

Thank you, Krissy Kludt and all the people who came, for making it a very special day.

NOTE: If you are interested in the resources used on this retreat, you can explore Field Guides for the Way spiritual practice kits, intended to help you weave contemplative retreats into your everyday life. Each curated kit contains invitations and supplies for a journey deeper into your relationship with God, your own heart and life.