Meet Upper House Team Member Rebecca Cooks!

February 18, 2022

We are delighted to introduce you to our diverse staff team in the coming weeks. This week, meet Rebecca Cooks, Upper House’s Hospitality and Student Enrichment Manager. “Becca” delights in making Upper House home for speakers, students, community members, and visitors alike. She’s been at Upper House for four years, orchestrating hospitality for all events, plus helping lead the Fellows and Internship Programs.

Becca, how has your role at Upper House furthered your faith journey? 

My role has expanded my perspective of the breadth of restorative work God is doing in this world, through us. He makes his glory known as he makes all things new; but that is not just a “future reality, it is work God is doing in this very moment, through the passions, contexts, and gifts that we have right now. That gives value to SO MUCH—from how we pursue our studies to how we relate to art, to how we honor those around us, and everything in between. 

What part of the Upper House project has intrigued/inspired you the most?

I am most inspired by Upper House’s goal of transformation—specifically how that plays out for students. I am motivated by seeing students grow step-by-step in their understanding of self, who God is, and how God interacts with them in meaningful ways—giving them confidence to integrate faith and life as they move forward in their lives, from college, to work, family, and beyond. The fact that Upper House supports students in their transformative journeys is both inspiring and quite moving.

If you got your 15 minutes of fame, what would you choose to be famous for?

Singing the most acclaimed Broadway performance of all time.

Thanks to Becca, the Upper House team is equipped to welcome and prepare a space for all members of the university and broader community to enter, rest, learn, worship, and grow, The bonus is we hear her beautiful voice echoing in the hallways when she sings her favorite songs. Whenever you see her, you can expect a genuine welcome. Next week, we’ll interview Dan Johnson!