Meet Artist Euimin Shin

January 18, 2022

This month, Upper House welcomes Euimin Shin, who has joined Upper House as an artist in residence to create an arts track for the Fellows Program.

Learn more about Euimin and how arts and faith are entwined in every aspect of her life.

Full name: Euimin Shin

Originally from: South Korea

We asked her-

What is your art field are you in and how did you become interested in it?

Violin Performance! I started playing the violin when I was six, because my dad, who is a pianist, wanted me to learn an instrument that I could eventually play with him. But I did not become interested and committed on my own until I met a teacher who really kindled the spark of love of music in me. I was 12 years old at that time.

What role does art play in your faith journey?

When I am alone practicing violin, I get to feel the sense of purpose and calling, engaging the gift of mind and creativity. When I am rehearsing with other musicians, I get to celebrate the beauty of diversity in making music together, in which we learn to love each other even in our differences. When I finally get to share the music with those who listen, (which is my favorite part) I get to communicate with the audience through music.
That’s my informal artist statement—the one I recite to myself in my head. I do not always feel that way, nor do I always remind myself that I ought to do so.
Music has played an important role in my faith journey; however, my faith journey has been centered around church and people. I have felt God’s love through many people in my life, like my church community in Madison (Geneva Campus Church). if I had not applied to UW- Madison for my D.M.A. and master’s in violin performance, I would never have become a part of this community. God has led me to so many different places through music, and wherever I go, I have witnessed God’s love through people who love him.
When I look back, and look at my life right now, art and my faith journey have been inseparable.

What is your vision for the Fellow’s Program art track?

We all carry our own stories. As we live out our unique stories, we also live in the bigger love story together, through the story of Jesus. Many of us get to tell stories through art (music, dancing, acting, painting, writing, etc.), but we don’t always get a chance to integrate our faith and art. In the art track, I hope to see the integration of faith and art as the students examine and explore other Christian artists’ works and their philosophy; in doing so, the students will also reflect on their stories and how they intertwine with the larger story. They will have a special opportunity to interact with each other and share their stories in their own creative ways.

We are delighted to partner with Euimin this month and learn more about her passions and faith!