Meet an Upper House Intern! Introducing Jack Joosten

December 21, 2021

Upper House employs a multitalented group of interns every year to help host events, greet visitors, and assist with administration. We would like you to know a little bit about each of our young colleagues and to value them as much as we do. This week, meet Jack!  

Jack Joosten is Upper House’s Administration Intern. A sophomore at UW-Madison, Jack is studying Mechanical Engineering. He finds joy in the administrative behind-the-scenes work of Upper House—from working with Quickbooks to Excel spreadsheets.  

We asked Jack— 

How has your spirituality changed since starting college? 

My spirituality has definitely changed since coming to college. I am growing deeper in my faith and truly learning how to become a follower of Jesus; plus, surrounding myself with amazing Christian friends both in school and at work has had a huge impact on me. 

What would be the top worship song in a playlist about your life? And why? 

My top worship song would probably be “Speak Life” by Toby Mac. It talks about how somedays you’re on top of the world and other days are really difficult—also how it’s important to pour God’s love onto others, because you never know what they’re going though. When you start to “speak love,” peoples’ perspectives can totally change.

If you had a side-hustle, what would it be? 

In high school I had a graphic arts class that allowed me to create and sell shirts, so I would probably pick that back up if I had all the tools to do so!

Be sure to say “hi” to Jack if you see him at Upper House—and thank him for his great work on our behalf. Next week we’ll introduce you to Natalie Pratt, our Communications Intern.