Meet an Upper House Intern! Introducing Jack Anderson

Upper House employs a multitalented group of interns every year to help with hospitality at events, welcoming visitors, and administration tasks. We would like you to know a bit about each of our young colleagues so you can value them as much as we do. This week meet Jack! 


Jack Anderson is Upper House’s Audiovisual and Technology Intern. A senior at UW-Madison, Jack is studying Industrial Engineering. He loves “figuring out” and operating all things technology and media-related, from the Upper House light and soundboard, to online event hosting and podcasting, to the finicky espresso machine in Steve’s Café. (We’ve become spoiled by his coffee.)

We asked Jack— 
How has your spirituality changed since starting college? 

Over my few years at UW, I’ve found my spirituality challenged and strengthened through a tight-knit community of individuals who have helped to form my faith beyond being a family thing into something that is a cornerstone of my life.  

What would be the top worship song in a playlist about your life? And why? 

If there was a worship playlist about my life thus far, the top song would definitely be  Lean Back  by Capital City Music. The song is my go-to when I feel overwhelmed. It reminds me that I’m not in control and that sometimes, rather than leaning into challenges, taking a step away is the best course of action. 

If you had a side-hustle, what would it be? 

I guess I’m kind of a natural at identifying side hustles; I’ve got a few right now actually. Currently, I do some espresso machine repair, general handyman services for friends and family, and tech consulting for people back home. But if I had to choose one to jump into it’d be a mobile coffee cart. I’d have a one-man shop and travel to parks around Madison during the summer to make drinks for people and give my coffee hobby a funding lift!


Be sure to say “hi” to Jack if you see him at Upper House—and thank him for his great work on our behalf. Next week we’ll introduce you to Saron Setotaw, one of our hospitality interns.