Meet an Upper House Intern! Introducing Claire Buckley

December 7, 2021

Upper House employs a multitalented group of interns every year to help host events, greet visitors, and assist with administration. We would like you to know a little bit about each of our young colleagues and to value them as much as we do. This week, meet Claire! 


Claire Buckley is one of Upper House’s Hospitality Interns. A junior at UW-Madison, Claire is studying Child Development and Family Studies, and Psychology with a certificate in Criminal Justice. She loves hearing about the lives of others and providing all things hospitality – from creating meticulous itineraries to designing intricate space layouts.  


We asked Claire— 


How has your spirituality changed since starting college? 

I would say that my spirituality and relationship with God has grown exponentially since the start of college. It was a complete game-changer being on a college campus and pursuing faith, as so much of college culture is different than what Christians are called to. But being surrounded by people who are actively choosing and pursuing faith has pushed me into a boldness and deeper relationship with Christ than I would have had otherwise; the experience has also made the friendships I’ve made in ministry so much sweeter.


What would be the top worship song in a playlist about your life? And why? 

The top worship song in a playlist about my life would be “I Will Follow” by Vertical Worship. The song describes being in all different seasons of life—the good, calm times, the fearful times, the times we are stressed, times when we are far from comfort, and finally the good hope of Christ’s return. In each of these verses, the words ‘Even in ______, I’ll follow you, I believe everything that You say You are, I believe that I have seen Your unchanging heart, In the good things and in the hardest part, I believe and I will follow You’. This part resonates a lot with me—I’ve seen the unchanging heart of God in so many different seasons of my life… This song reminds me that in all the good and all the hard, I can choose to believe and follow Christ, and He will lead to fulfillment. 


If you had a side-hustle, what would it be? 

My side hustle would be something along the lines of a personal book selector. I love to read and talk about books, so I would relish the challenge of finding people a book they really love. Finding the right book feels like finding a piece to a big puzzle, especially if you’re doing it for someone else. 


Be sure to say “hi” to Claire if you see her at Upper House—and thank her for her great work on our behalf. Next week we’ll introduce you to Jack Joosten, our Administration Intern.