Local Leaders Join New UH Advisory Council

February 19, 2021

Upper House is delighted to announce the members of our new Local Advisory Council—leaders whose accumulated life experience, training, diverse perspectives, and spiritual gifts equip them to provide us insight into the many ways we can serve our remarkable community.
Our new Advisory Council includes
Marcus Allen

Mt. Zion Baptist Church

Franciska Coleman

Assistant Professor of Constitutional Law

Leslie Iwai
Installation Artist and Sculptor
Jason Jensen
Vice President of Spiritual Foundations
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
Niccole Khail
Director of Music & Worship Arts
High Point Church
Jim C. Kirk
Associate Pastor
Geneva Campus Church
Tenneille Ludwig
WiCell Stem Cell Bank
Tiffany Malloy
Pastor of Spiritual Formation
Blackhawk Church
Alex Miranda Cruz
Cinematographer and Owner of Bravebird
Peter Tan

Executive Vice President/Chief Design Officer


This council will meet with us quarterly to brainstorm, provide feedback on ideas, and help us hone our thinking. We’re excited to work with members who will sharpen our aspirations and vision. To learn more, please see Our Local Advisors’ bios here.