• What and who shapes my future? 
• How do I know if I’m doing what I’m created to do? 
• Does God care about my career path as much as my Christian community? 

• Am I prepared for life after graduation?

These are questions undergraduates ask as they consider the ambiguous “post-college” time of life. Figuring out how your career, social life, basic responsibilities, and spiritual life connect can become more complicated than you may want to admit. But, God has given you everything you need to do “adulting” well.

Contrary to rumors around this transition, life after graduation does not need to be defined by dissonance and confusion but can be enjoyable and purposeful. Taking advantage of available resources and preparing yourself with realistic expectations can set you up to enter this next phase of life with anticipation and freedom in the journey God has promised to lead you through.

At the Faith, Work & Calling Conference, we outlined a theological framework for your identity and calling, learned why a church community is crucial to your flourishing, and built a game-plan for next steps in your career.

Karen Wright Marsh laid out practical steps for how to discern calling and process what’s next in your life.