Faith In The Heart Of The City With Renee Moe

Renee Moe February 8, 2018

How does faith inform the work of our civic, academic, and marketplace leaders? What faith-inspired lessons have our key leaders learned throughout their lives and how do they play out in the everyday demands of public engagement? Join us for our continuing Upper House series entitled, Faith in the Heart of the City.

Renee Moe is president and CEO of United Way of Dane County. United Way’s mission is to: Unite the community to create measurable results and change lives. Renee was a 2015 YWCA Woman of Distinction and president of the Downtown Madison Rotary in 2013-14. Renee earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism and Mandarin Chinese, and her master’s degree in business from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Renee lives in Madison with her husband, Jason Salus, and their two children, Nick and Nora.