“Faith in the Heart of the City” Series featuring Dr. Kathy Cramer

Dr. Kathy Cramer May 16, 2017

How does faith inform the work of our civic, academic, and marketplace leaders? What faith-inspired lessons have our key leaders learned throughout their lives and how do they play out in the everyday demands of public engagement? Join us for our new Upper House series entitled, Faith in the Heart of Our City.

Our inaugural guest, Dr. Kathy Cramer, is a UW-Madison professor of political science and faculty director of the Morgridge Center for Public Service. Dr. Cramer’s recent book, The Politics of Resentment, gained recent national notoriety during the 2016 general election cycle.

Our event was moderated by Phil Haslanger, pastor of Memorial United Church of Christ and former city editor, editorial page editor, and managing editor at The Capital Times.