Civic Friendship in Polarized Times | Angel Adams Parham

Angel Adams Parham September 19, 2022

We live in polarizing times that seem to affect every corner of our society. Could the solution to polarization be friendship? That’s what this episode’s guest proposes. We’re listening in on a recent talk delivered at Upper House by sociologist Angel Adams Parham, titled “Civic Friendship & Christian Faith in Polarized Times.” While it might sound trite to say all we need is friendship, Angel challenges us to engage with a tradition of thinking about civic and political friendship stretching from ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle to contemporary political theorist Danielle Allen. Angel asks each of us to explore intellectual and spiritual topics in the context of friendship and community.

Angel Adams Parham is an Associate Professor of Sociology and senior fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture (IASC) at the University of Virginia. In July she co-authored with Anika Prather The Black Intellectual Tradition: Reading Freedom in Classical Literature.

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