All Campus Worship Night: A Welcome Surprise

Natalie Pratt September 3, 2021

As a freshman new on campus in 2019, I found myself longing for a place to feel welcomed and accepted. After being invited to the All-Campus Worship Night, I realized this event may be an opportunity to find that community. Walking into Upper House brought me a wave of peace. I was overwhelmed with joy stepping into the beautiful and vast space for the first time. The hundreds of people, each unique from the next, drew me into the extraordinary place of Upper House.

Being surrounded by so many Christians in one room, all worshipping the same faithful and loving God, provided reassurance for the year ahead. Everything from the free food to the powerful music took my breath away. Upper House quickly became my home away from home. Strangers turned into life-long friends. An unknown space became a place of refuge and comfort.

I am so thankful that I stepped out and attended the All-Campus Worship Night my freshman year. You never know how a simple “yes” could turn into years of spiritual growth and friendship.

Natalie Pratt is a junior at UW-Madison, now working as an intern at Upper House.