A Way Forward: Six Important Practices For The Church In Our Time

Greg Thompson November 9, 2018

Our time is a complicated one, and in the midst of complications, the Church has often struggled to find its identity as the world around it has changed rapidly and dramatically. What do these times require of the leaders of the Church? Join Dr. Greg Thompson as he leads a workshop designed both to map our cultural moment and chart a faithful way forward in our secular age, identifying six fundamental practices we must recover to be faithful ministers and leaders in Christ’s Church. Greg Thompson (B.A., The University of South Carolina, MDiv., Covenant Theological Seminary, MA, Ph.D., The University of Virginia) is the Director of Research and Strategy at Clayborn Reborn, an initiative restoring the historic Clayborn Temple in Memphis, TN. Before serving at Clayborn, Greg was the Senior Pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville, VA, and CEO of Thriving Cities Group, a social impact consulting firm that aligns impact investors and entrepreneurs around shared data and a shared vision for human thriving in their city. Greg also served as Executive Director of New City Commons, an education and consulting firm that equips institutional leaders for the work of nurturing thriving communities, and was an Associate Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia, where he wrote his dissertation on Martin Luther King, Jr. and the American democratic imagination.