Program Description

The Upper House Intern Program seeks to equip undergraduate students with a deeper understanding of the ways faith, education, and vocation can be thoughtfully integrated. Specifically, Upper House offers students a paid position in a professional setting to participate in the full scope of event production—from ideation to presentation—and the daily operations of a nonprofit ministry, via four specialized areas: administration, communications, hospitality, and technology. Upper House interns experience a unique melding of professional skill development, spiritual formation, and mentorship as they gain appreciation for God’s investment in their talents, roles, and work.

Program Structure

The Upper House Intern Program is a paid, part-time internship for undergraduate students. As part of the program, all interns participate weekly in the following:

  • Focus on specialized tasks with an Upper House Staff Mentor.
  • Serve as a host and supervisor of the Upper House space for external campus and community groups.
  • Provide guest services for Upper House events.
  • Contribute to the Intern Team Meetings, which include readings and discussions about spiritual formation.

Intern Program Leadership Team

Interns work directly with members of the Upper House Staff Team as mentors in their specialized role. Meet the team here!

Words from Interns

Apply to Join Our Team

Applications for the 2022-2023 academic year are now open!

Current open intern positions for Fall 2022:

  • Student Communications Intern
    The Student Communications Intern focuses on bringing Upper House’s generative content to life for audiences by designing and implementing communications that align with the foundation’s mission and brand. This part-time position averages 10 hours per week and assists in three areas of work: (1) design and implement communications that align with the Upper House brand and mission; (2) create social media content for Upper House events and other programs; and (3) provide analytic insights on social media engagement to the communications team.
    Full job description and application here.
  • Student Technology Intern
    The Student Technology Intern focuses on creatively enhancing Upper House programs for in-person and virtual guests via technological platforms. This part-time position averages 10 hours per week and assists in three areas of work: (1) serve in technology support for Upper House events; (2) help outside groups with technology needs at Upper House; and (3) assist foundation staff on technology needs.
    Full job description and application here.

How to Apply

  • Apply on Indeed following the links above—resume required.
  • Submit your application by Friday, March 25.
    You can expect to hear back from us by that following week.
  • Interns must agree with Upper House’s statement of faith upon hiring.

Please email us at