Professional Experience Designed Just for You

The Upper House Internship Program is a paid opportunity for undergraduate students to grow in professional and spiritual development while collaborating with the Upper House staff team to curate events with hospitality and excellence. Upper House offers students a formative mentor setting in specialized internship roles to participate in the full scope of event production and the daily operations of a nonprofit ministry.

This is not a run-and-get-coffee scenario (though we’ll teach you how to make coffee for our events).

This is a systems-creating,
bring-out-the-business-casual scenario.
With a good bit of fun on the side

How the Magic Happens

The Upper House Intern Program is a paid, part-time internship for undergraduate students. Interns can expect to work 10-15 hours/week.

As part of the program, all interns participate weekly in the following:

  • Practical training in specialized role with Staff Mentors
  • Lead customer service for Upper House programs
  • Spiritual development discussions at Intern Team Meetings
  • Host and supervise the Upper House space for campus organization

Join the Team that Does It All

Our team looks to work with students who exude responsibility, personable nature, ability to initiate, willingness to try and learn new skills, desire for feedback, and commitment to their Christian faith with expectation to see it grow.

Open Internship Roles & Descriptions

  • Hospitality Intern*
  • Tech Intern*
  • Undergraduate Program Intern*

Internship Applications for the 2023-2024 Academic Year are available now!

Applications and resumes are due by Wednesday, March 1!

Words from Interns