Why host a watch party? Our learning is enhanced when we gather with others and reflect on lessons meaningful to our life and work. We enjoy sharing ah-ha moments. Some of us also find it very helpful to think out loud with colleagues or friends, whose insights spur our growth. These are the key reasons we encourage you to consider hosting a GLS watch party.

What is a “watch party”?

Quite simply, you get together with the people you work with, serve with, or feel encouraged by—to watch GLS sessions and debrief on your own timeline. In other words, you convene, converse, and connect inspiring content in a community context. (Whew! That’s six powerful “C” words.)

How might your watch party work?

Any number of ways! Here are the basics in terms of Who, What, When, Where, and How.

Who: You and others you know, who are interested in growing in leadership and have registered for GLS.

What: GLS content, delivered online, with locally-based chat and breakout sessions facilitated by your friends at Upper House.

When: You choose! You have extra flexibility because each person who registers will get a watch link with GLS Video On Demand access for 7 days. Watch party options include but are not limited to the following:

  • Your watch party coincides with the live-stream conference, August 6-7.
  • You host a hybrid watch party. For example, you might gather for the morning sessions and then take a break in the afternoon. During the following week you can view (individually or together) the remaining GLS content, leveraging the Video On Demand access available to ticket holders.
  • You can schedule a convenient watch party any time during the Video On Demand period.

Where: You find a comfortable place that accommodates your group and honors COVID-19 recommendations to protect you and your fellow attendees. Examples:

  • Business conference room
  • Condo/apartment building community room
  • Living room
  • Your church or community organization
  • Shady outdoor deck with access to screen

How: In a spirit of camaraderie and mutual encouragement. We have all been going through a trying time. Finding ways to encourage one another—to refill our spiritual, professional, and social tanks—is a positive and helpful thing to do. GLS gives us a constructive opportunity to lean into spiritual teaching and fresh, actionable leadership content that will empower us to move forward during this incredibly challenging time.

If you host a watch party

Let us know! Post a pic of yourself and your colleagues on Facebook or Instagram, tag Upper House, and use #GLS20 #GLSUpperHouse. You can also give a shout-out to our GLS partners at Asbury Church and High Point Church. We’re cheering you on!

Still need to register?

REGISTER here if you are part of our regular Upper House community, and use the priority code LEAD2020 for the best available rate. (Upper House will be pre-filled as your organization in the form.)

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