How many hours does an Upper House Intern work?

Upper House Interns work 12-15 hours per week. 

What does a week-in-the-life of an Upper House Intern look like?

Each week, Upper House Interns divide their time between these areas: (1) providing guest services for Upper House events; (2) hosting external groups in the Upper House space, (3) welcoming guests at the Upper House front desk, and (4) meeting with staff mentor(s) for professional and spiritual development. Interns’ work hours in the Upper House space vary between 9 AM – 11 PM Mondays through Saturdays. Work hours are typically scheduled weeks to months in advance, though occasional flexibility is required. 

Are Upper House Interns Paid?

Yes. Upper House Interns are paid $15 per hour (plus, delicious post-event leftovers!).

What are the benefits of being an Upper House Intern?

  • Paid work experience 
  • Friendly and dynamic work environment 
  • Flexible scheduling to work around classes 
  • Integration of professional and faith development 
  • Networking opportunities with local leaders in multiple fields 
  • Direct mentorship in nonprofit and event management positions 
  • Building highly-transferrable work skills in teamwork, leadership, guest services, budgeting, bookkeeping, content creation, and event management 
  • Learning from nationally-recognized speakers in fields ranging from theology to science, from art to social justice, and more

Upper House is a Christian space: How does that impact the Upper House Internship Program?

Upper House’s mission is to curate transformative experiences for university students, faculty, staff, and the Madison community at large—to ignite theological curiosity, shape Christian identity, and equip people to live out their faith for the life of the world. Because the Christian faith is integral to Upper House and all its work, interns are asked to sign in agreement with Upper House’s Statement of Faith. 

Do I need to be able to work the whole academic year?

The Upper House Internship experience is holistic and formative; on-the-job learning benefits accumulate throughout the academic year. Therefore, priority is given to applicants who can make a one-year commitment. That said, the Upper House team is open to discussing applicants’ availability. Email questions to interns@slbrownfoundation.org. (NOTE: Limited summer hours are occasionally an option for interns.)

How do I apply for an Upper House Internship?

Email your resume to Intern Program Director, Rebecca Cooks at interns@slbrownfoundation.org, and complete the UH Internship Program Application.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Reach out to Internship Program Director, Rebecca Cooks, at interns@slbrownfoundation.org