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Agents of Transformation

Do you know that you are an agent endowed with agency? You have unique capacity to exercise meaningful action in today’s challenging world. While local and global challenges often test human resolve and Christian faith, they also reveal that our decisions and actions, collectively and individually, can have positive impacts. In every field of human […]

2022 Global Leadership Summit

Upper House 365 East Campus Mall, Suite 200, Madison, WI

YOUR LEADERSHIP MATTERS. How are you using it? Upper House, High Point Church, and Heartland Church of Sun Prairie are excited to work as partners to bring the Global Leadership Summit to the Madison community. This year, Heartland Church is the host site of the 2022 Summit, a high-quality local experience simulcast live in HD […]

Logged Off: Reclaiming Relationship in a World of Technology

Upper House 365 East Campus Mall, Suite 200, Madison, WI

15 Billion. That is the number of mobile devices in the world. In 2021, the average American spent 4.1 hours a day on a mobile device, a 30-percent increase since 2019, partly due to the pandemic. Clearly, we like our devices for all sorts of reasons: to communicate, socially engage, learn, and entertain ourselves. All […]

The Art of Work: A Field Trip to the Grohmann Museum

Join us to tour the remarkable Grohmann Museum of Art at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, where the world's most comprehensive collection of art depicting the evolution of human work resides.   Like other quality museums, the Grohmann Museum boasts an extensive collection of art created across several centuries and in various media. But the […]

Music, Resilience, and the People of North Korea

What unexpected stories might millennials of North Korea have to tell us? What roles does music play for Koreans advancing peace in one of the world’s most authoritarian countries?   Euimin Shin, the artist-in-residence at Upper House, returns to us from an extraordinary summer research trip to Berlin, Germany, where she met and interviewed Koreans […]

All-Campus Worship Night

Upper House 365 East Campus Mall, Suite 200, Madison, WI

Are you coming into this new academic year ignited spiritually, tired, thriving, or ready for change? Are you looking to re-connect with friends after a summer away? Or, are you a new student looking for Christian community? All-Campus Worship Night is for you and Christian students from across UW-Madison. Come be uplifted in worship with the amazing Heartland […]

Jumpstart Saturdays (A Cohort for Writers)

Dottie's Ranch 4136 Rutland Dunn Town Line Road, Oregon, Wisconsin

The writing life poses a number of challenges, not least the need for a regular time and a place to write. Upper House invites writers working in any genre to join us on the first Saturday (unless otherwise noted) of each month to write. Conveners Cam Anderson and Susi Jensen believe that dedicating regular time […]

C.S. Lewis Space Trilogy Reading Group

Upper House 365 East Campus Mall, Suite 200, Madison, WI

Many readers are familiar with C.S. Lewis through his Narnia Chronicles, or his famous essays and books on theology and apologetics. Some may not know he also wrote several books that we now recognize as science fiction, complete with interplanetary space travel and beings from other worlds. C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy explores classic sci-fi themes from […]

Faith and Co—Serving the World (Learning Cohort)


Faith & Co. is back!  After a semester hiatus, we are pleased to offer a new learning cohort based on this award-winning film series. Season Four, Serving the World, explores how business can solve global social and environmental problems. The need to balance financial viability and social impact can be challenging. The eight short films […]

Scientists, Atheism, and Religion: Deflating a Narrative of Conflict

Upper House 365 East Campus Mall, Suite 200, Madison, WI

The “conflict thesis” between faith and science is one of the most stubborn myths that contributes to declining levels of public trust in scientists. Many outsiders, especially religious people, assume that all scientists are anti-religious, based on the rhetoric of a few highly publicized scientists. In fact, even among those identified as atheist scientists, a […]