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Finding Your Spiritual Landscape

Are there any places in your life that, when you think of them, evoke a sense of "home" or rootedness? Do you remember a time when you were able to engage in unbridled play—perhaps in a field, a muddy creek, a back yard, or a favorite tree? Do you remember the utter freedom of it? […]

Seeing as Believers: Engaging Movies with Faith in Mind 

Upper House 365 East Campus Mall, Suite 200, Madison, WI

In a world flooded with media choices, “blockbuster” summer movies still have an unrivalled power to enthrall us and shape our culture. How can people of faith productively engage with these tentpole events? How does that engagement inform how we live as Christians in the world but not of the world? Join us as we […]

Agents of Transformation

Do you know that you are an agent endowed with agency? You have unique capacity to exercise meaningful action in today’s challenging world. While local and global challenges often test human resolve and Christian faith, they also reveal that our decisions and actions, collectively and individually, can have positive impacts. In every field of human […]

Logged Off: Reclaiming Relationship in a World of Technology

Upper House 365 East Campus Mall, Suite 200, Madison, WI

15 Billion. That is the number of mobile devices in the world. In 2021, the average American spent 4.1 hours a day on a mobile device, a 30-percent increase since 2019, partly due to the pandemic. Clearly, we like our devices for all sorts of reasons: to communicate, socially engage, learn, and entertain ourselves. All […]

All-Campus Worship Night

Upper House 365 East Campus Mall, Suite 200, Madison, WI

Are you coming into this new academic year ignited spiritually, tired, thriving, or ready for change? Are you looking to re-connect with friends after a summer away? Or, are you a new student looking for Christian community? All-Campus Worship Night is for you and Christian students from across UW-Madison. Come be uplifted in worship with the amazing Heartland […]

Women, Gender, and Church History (FULL)

Upper House 365 East Campus Mall, Suite 200, Madison, WI

Christianity is no stranger to controversy over the role of women in the church (or in the home). As media reports of abuse, toxic masculinity, and institutional sexism—both within and outside of the church—flood our screens and inboxes, it can be challenging for people of faith to process our current cultural moment in a way […]

Midwest Gospel Preaching Summit (GPS)—We Preach Christ

Upper House 365 East Campus Mall, Suite 200, Madison, WI

Your DIGITAL PROGRAM for the Midwest Gospel Preaching Summit! Three nationally known preachers with a passion for training pastors and ministers are headlining the first-ever Midwest Gospel Preaching Summit, co-hosted by Mt. Zion Baptist Church and Upper House in Madison, Wisconsin. Pastors and ministers in Madison and the surrounding region will receive seminary-level training that elevates their teaching, […]

The Life We’re Looking For – Book Discussion

Upper House 365 East Campus Mall, Suite 200, Madison, WI

Andy Crouch's new book, The Life We’re Looking For: Reclaiming Relationship in a Technological World (Convergent, 2022) paints a vivid picture of how we’ve been deceived by a false vision of human flourishing as we live enthralled with the ever-evolving technologies flooding the marketplace. But more than just diagnosing our existential crisis; he offers a […]

Every Medium Holy

Upper House 365 East Campus Mall, Suite 200, Madison, WI

Known for his linocut print illustrations for the Every Moment Holy books, (Rabbit Room Press’s contemporary liturgy project), Ned Bustard is a deep thinker about Christian vocation in the arts. He faithfully pursues his calling as he manages a gallery and publishing house, cultivating a freelance graphic design business, and creating his own art and illustrated […]

Creation Care, Climate Change, and Healthy Discourse in Christian Communities

Upper House 365 East Campus Mall, Suite 200, Madison, WI

This event is a collaboration of Upper House and The Loka Initiative. A renowned scientist will bring research on the health effects of global environmental change. A theologian and leader of the Lausanne/World Evangelical Alliance Creation Care Network will bring biblical and international perspective. And an institutional leadership veteran and conflict resolution expert will bring […]