Due to the ongoing concerns over COVID-19 and the move by UW to digital-only instruction, this event has been cancelled. We will share more about a rescheduled event as details develop. Thank you for your understanding.

The Cold War, spanning from the late 1940s to the early 1990s, made an indelible mark on international history. Cold War events and politics have occupied generations of scholars. Yet exciting discoveries continue to be made in the origins of the Cold War, based on new archival sources and innovative methodological approaches. This is especially true in ongoing efforts to recover the role that religion played in the origins of the Cold War. Religious beliefs, religious actors, and religious institutions were crucial to shaping the stakes, scope, and goals of the Cold War in North America and Western Europe. Join us for a half-day symposium as we hear from four historians working on the cutting-edge of the religious origins of the Cold War. Three speakers will deliver a 30-minute presentation with Q&A and hourly breaks. A panel session with comments by Dr. Mitchell will conclude the afternoon.

Giuliana Chamedes is Assistant Professor of Modern European History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

K. Healan Gaston is Lecturer on American Religious History and Ethics at Harvard Divinity School.

Justin Reynolds is Lecturer on Social Studies at Harvard University.

Maria Mitchell is Professor of Modern European History at Franklin & Marshall College.


April 30
1:00 pm

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