Looking for permission to simply read all day long? Wondering when you’ll have the time to tackle your reading pile? Craving space without interruptions or distractions to lose yourself in your favorite book or academic reading that needs your attention?

We’ve got you covered! That’s right: this is an invitation to step away from the daily grind and to pick up your literary loves, your neglected reading pile, or academic assignments. Whether you’re a student, professor, church leader, or community member, we’re offering a serene, reader-friendly, unplugged, distraction-free zone just to read!

Pop-up Rules for the Day…

  • Upper House Wi-Fi will be turned OFF for the entire day. So, leave your laptops at home or in your bag and pre-download your Kindle books before you arrive.
  • Read, read, read. If you have other non-reading work to do that day, consider completing it before you arrive or after you leave.
  • Set up camp or drop in for a break. You’re welcome to come read for an hour in-between classes or, if you prefer, to bring a stack of books and join us for the whole day.
  • Distraction-free = Quiet please. Please be considerate of your fellow readers.


October 10
9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Upper House
365 East Campus Mall, Suite 200