Upper House is a member of the Consortium of Christian Study Centers (CCSC), along with near 40 Christian Study Centers (CSCs) across the globe. Christian Study Centers are communities of students and scholars animated by the ancient ideal of faith seeking understanding. Study centers complement their host institutions’ mission to discover and disseminate knowledge by convening conversations that address the big questions of life—questions of meaning, purpose and value.

What makes CSCs unique?

CSCs equip people to integrate their faith, work, and studies as servants, leaders, and scholars, and also seek to engage the institutional life and discourse of the university itself. In their programming, CSCs often partner with university departments to host symposia and conferences around topics of interest and public impact, as well as provide space for faculty roundtables. In seeking to build exchange about big questions, CSCs embody hospitality and care for others, even as they sift and winnow content that serves the common good. 

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For more information on the Consortium of Christian Study Centers, its members and history as an organization, explore the CCSC website. You can also listen here to Karl Johnson, Consortium Executive Director, discuss the CSC movement with Upper House’s Dan Hummel, on the UpWords podcast.

Those interested in the background of the CSC movement might further explore a book published by Charles E. Cotherman, To Think Christianly: a history of L’Abri, Regent College and the Christian Study Center MovementIVP, 2020.