Upper House is a member of the Consortium of Christian Study Centers (CCSC), along with more than 30 Christian Study Centers (CSCs) across the globe that celebrate learning, value scholarship, and regard the university as a friend with whom they might engage in dialogue. The Consortium seeks to advance the growth of CSCs at colleges and universities around the world through promoting collaboration, providing resources, and raising awareness of the CSC movement and its distinct offerings.

What makes CSCs unique?

CSCs serve both the individual and the institution.

Christian faith often recedes to the margins of the academy, yet its formative value for individuals’ learning, research, and public work is inestimable. By offering diverse educational opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and communities, CSCs equip people to integrate their faith, work, and studies as servants, leaders, and scholars.

CSCs also seek to engage the institutional life and discourse of the university itself. For example, CSCs might partner with university departments to host symposia and conferences around topics of interest and public impact. In their programming, hospitality is a high priority and mirrors the biblical value of loving one’s neighbor. In this spirit, CSCs provide a model of fruitful discussion and exchange within diverse publics; they add to the academy’s social climate by embodying an ethos of respect, spiritual vitality, and care, so essential for learning and maturation.

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For more information on the Consortium of Christian Study Centers, its members and history as an organization, explore the CCSC website.

Another resource for those interested in the background of the CSC movement, see Cotherman, Charles E. To Think Christianly: a history of L’Abri, Regent College and the Christian Study Center Movement. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2020.