The Upper House Intern Program seeks to equip undergraduate students with a deeper understanding of the ways faith, vocation, and education can be thoughtfully integrated.

Specifically, Upper House offers undergraduate students a professional setting to participate in the full scope of event production—from ideation to presentation—and the day-to-day operations of a nonprofit ministry. Upper House interns experience a unique melding of professional skill development, spiritual formation, and mentorship as they gain appreciation for God’s investment in their skills, roles, and work.

Program Structure

The Upper House Intern Program is a paid internship. As part of the program, all interns will weekly (1) attend Intern Team Meetings for reading and discussion on spiritual formation; (2) serve as host and supervisor of Upper House space for external ministry, campus, and community groups; and (3) provide guest services for Upper House events.

Interns can expect to work 10 hours per week in one of the following professional roles directly supervised by an Upper House Staff mentor.

Administration Intern

The Administration Internship focuses on the backbone of Upper House’s operations—creating and implementing systems to enhance efficiency, organization, and ministry. Mentored by the Director of Business Administration, interns gain experience in QuickBooks, the Upper House CRM, form creation, and the communications database. Full job description here.

Hospitality Intern

The Hospitality Internship focuses on incorporating Upper House’s ethos of hospitality into every component of the event-production process. Mentored by the Hospitality & Student Enrichment Manager, interns gain experience in preparing the guest experience, defining the purpose of gathering, event and travel logistics, Open Study operations, and space organization. Full job description here.

Intern Program Leaders

The Upper House Intern Program is led by Rebecca Cooks, Program Director, and Daniel Johnson, Program Coordinator and Mentor. Please feel free to email Rebecca Cooks with any questions about the program!



Words from Interns

“As I go into a career of ministry, I’m grateful for this experience [of interning at Upper House]. It forces me to ask myself, am I truly living out my faith in all circumstances?” — Zach ’20

“As we work together on projects or prepare for meetings, we are growing in our professional development and in our friendships. The intern team makes work fun!” — Lynsey ‘21

“It honestly feels like I get to come work with my family and provide my gifts to their service as they graciously provide their gifts to Upper House’s service. This place brings me authentic joy and happiness.” — Ilya ‘21

How to Apply

Applications for the 2021-2022 school year are now open!

We look forward to hearing from you!


Upper House Internship Application 2021

Administrative Internship
Hospitality Internship
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