Mission (our reason for being):

We exist to curate transformative Christian experiences for University students, faculty/staff, and the Madison community at large.

Our mission extends to three key elements of Think? [Be] Do!

We exist to ignite theological curiosity that enriches the life of the mind.

We exist to shape identity and infuse the senses to the claims of Christianity for the life of the soul.

We exist to equip people to activate their faith for the life of the world.

Vision (our picture of our desired future):

Through Christian engagement, we will challenge, move, and activate people in order to bring about a more flourishing world.

Our vision extends to the three key elements of Think? [Be] Do!

We want to see every person know God through an intellectual pursuit of the truth. 

We want to see every person experience the transformative love of Christ. 

We want to see every person contribute to the life of the world as a result of their Christian identity and commitments.

Values (our desired culture):

We curate Christian identity collaboratively by living our six values separated into three distinct “Think? [Be] Do!” imperatives:

1. Curiosity

2. Pursuit of truth

3. Gratitude

4. Dynamism

5. Connectedness

6. Hospitality


  • All that we do (including events that we host) will seek to reflect the truth and grace of the Gospel, either implicitly or explicitly.
  • We will engage the UW–Madison campus culture and enrich it. We want to create a culture that honors Christ and serves our surrounding environment.
  • We seek to avoid activities that polarize or divide us from the very campus culture we seek to serve.
  • We will create an inviting environment for all people that respects opinions and beliefs that differ from our own, aspiring to extend God’s grace in all of our encounters.
  • We will not be partisan in our communal engagement or programming initiatives.
  • We will display our love for the UW–Madison campus by serving the University and our neighboring organizations for the betterment of the community as a whole.