We exist to curate transformative experiences for university students, faculty, staff, and the Madison community at large—to ignite theological curiosity, shape Christian identity, and equip people to live out their faith for the life of the world.

Being a center for Christian gathering and learning, we explore ideas, acknowledge complexity, and support growth in Christian thinking, being, and doing across six Pathways (Arts & Humanities, Justice & Society, Leadership & Vocation, Science & Technology, Spiritual Formation, and Theology). In doing so, we bring our entire selves, acknowledging our need for holistic integration of thought, word, and deed.


Truth matters, ideas are consequential. Building on a rich and living Christian intellectual tradition, at Upper House we host generous conversations as means to engage the hard questions, deepen conviction, delight in the world, and gain wisdom.


To flourish in the world, we must become fully formed selves. At Upper House this formation occurs when we adopt healthy spiritual practices, enter genuine community, and cultivate virtue.


At Upper House we believe that healthy intellectual and spiritual formation prepare us to contribute to the life of the world, its healing and transformation. Made in the image of God, each of us possess agency—the creativity to make and invent, the capacity to build and manage, the ability to serve and to lead.