An initiative of the Stephen & Laurel Brown Foundation founded as a site for Christian gathering and learning, Upper House is located in the heart of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Think? [Be] Do! summarizes our mission. We exist to ignite theological curiosity, shape Christian identity, and equip women and men to live out their faith for the life of the world. We offer hospitality to all who enter our doors.

What will you find at Upper House?

Graduate and undergraduate students will find

a light-filled space to study and
a Fellows program that will help them advance on their personal journey.

Faculty will find

a vibrant community eager to explore intellectual and theological questions.

All who are curious will find

dynamic programs that engage critical ideas, questions, and contemporary issues,
all through the lens of Christian faith.

Join us to travel the Upper House Pathways in the arts & humanities; justice & society; science & technology; leadership & vocation; spiritual formation; and theology.

Become More Whole

Most of us long to grow and flourish. Made in the image of God, we seek coherence in heart, mind, soul, and strength. Yet in our rush-about world, we often feel fragmented and misaligned. At Upper House we acknowledge this fragmentation.

To grow and mature, we host generous conversations, encourage healthy spiritual practices, and cultivate wisdom and vision for peoples’ work in the world. In the end, what we seek is transformation: for ourselves, our communities, and our world.