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all who long to EXPLORE
the LIFE of the mind
and the QUESTIONS of the soul

Events and Learning Cohorts

Reading While Black: African American Biblical Interpretation as an Exercise in Hope

Esau McCaulley

Sep 23 7:00pm CDT

Learning Cohort: Faith & Co. ‘Business on Purpose’

Sep 24 7:45am CDT

Learning Cohort: The Color of Compromise

Sep 24 12:00pm CDT

Science Fiction and Christian Hope

Sep 26 9:00am CDT

Learning Cohort: Redeeming Work

Sep 30 12:00pm CDT

Politics and the Common Life: A Conversation about Faithful Political Engagement

Justin Giboney, Michael Wear, and Cherie Harder

Oct 07 6:00pm CDT

A Theology of Community Development

Kelley Nikondeha

Oct 22 12:00pm CDT

Adopted: The Sacrament of Belonging in a Fractured World

Kelley Nikondeha

Oct 22 7:00pm CDT

Defiant: What the Women of Exodus Teach Us about Freedom

Kelley Nikondeha

Oct 23 10:00am CDT

Not Unprecedented: Learning from the Literature of Plagues and Epidemics

Marilyn McEntyre

Oct 26 12:00pm CDT

Speaking Peace in a Climate of Conflict

Marilyn McEntyre

Oct 26 7:00pm CDT

Make a List: Turning a Commonplace Habit into a Spiritual Practice

Marilyn McEntyre

Oct 27 9:00am CDT

Learning Cohort: Lament—Learning the Minor Key

Sep 23 6:30pm CDT

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Open Study Hours and On-Site Meetings

Updated September 10, 2020

Students — Open study hours and larger student gatherings at Upper House are currently suspended as we voluntarily align with UW-Madison pandemic management efforts.

Faculty and Staff — Meeting room reservations are temporarily suspended.

Attendees of Upper House-hosted events or learning cohorts — Registration is required. All events include a virtual component. Our full event descriptions and email confirmations include meeting details.