Our Mission

all who long to EXPLORE
the LIFE of the mind
and the QUESTIONS of the soul

Events and Learning Cohorts

Write the Night: Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction Writer’s Retreat

Retreat Leaders: Cameron Anderson and Susi Jensen

Jan 18 12:00am CST

Learning Cohort: Divine Encounters—Great Spiritual Autobiographies

Eric Carlsson

Jan 22 7:30am CST

When Work Doesn’t Work: Grappling with Vocation and the “Good Life”

Christine Jeske

Feb 03 4:00pm CST

Learning Cohort: Companies of Courage

Leaders: Steve Cook and Laura Gallagher

Feb 18 7:45am CST

Faithful Politics in a Divided World

Vincent Bacote

Feb 22 7:00pm CST

Public Theology: Past, Present, and Future

Vincent E. Bacote

Feb 22 12:00pm CST

Mathematics for Human Flourishing: An Interdisciplinary Conversation

Francis Su

Mar 16 12:00pm CDT

Bridging the Gap between Faith and Vocation

Francis Su

Mar 17 4:00pm CDT

The Enigma of Academic Success: Reflections on Ultimate Meaning

Francis Su

Mar 18 12:00pm CDT

The Enigma of Academic Success: Reflections on Ultimate Meaning

Francis Su

Mar 18 12:00pm CDT

Full Calendar

Closed for Open Study Hours and On-Site Meetings

Updated November 18

Due to Dane County Public Health Emergency Order #10, Upper House will be closed for Open Study Hours for the remainder of the semester. It is disappointing to close our doors early, but we have enjoyed the privilege of hosting you. We look forward to welcoming you in-person as soon as possible.


When We Re-Open

Students —Reserve your space to study at Upper House via the Open Study link. Individual study space is available Monday-Friday, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

Faculty and Staff — Meeting rooms will be available for groups, in alignment with UW-Madison policies.

Attendees of Upper House-hosted events or learning cohorts — Registration is required. Our full event descriptions and email confirmations will include meeting details and links to virtual channels.